Winescape is a business that is set up around providing a simple trading platform that appeals to all participants in the wine industry. We’re professional wine marketers and sales people. That means we can offer the service of presenting and selling our clients wine at a high level. Selling and negotiation is however only part of an effective trade. Suppliers must be paid and Buyers on occassion need finance. We know about these services but to get to a level of excellance finance and credit services must be outsourced to professionals in the field. This is where Creditorwatch and BUTN come in.


By registering with Winescape your company will also receive a registration with Creditorwatch. Creditorwatch provides high end data regarding the financial health of companies across a range of industries. Creditorwatch enables Suppliers to see the credit worthiness of Buyers that are introduced through Winescape and provides these companies with the information they need to make an informed decision as to how they deal with the Buyer that we have introduced. This saves time, money and limits the risk of dealing with Buyers who’s company setups may not be as secure as they would outwardly seem.

In our opinion Creditorwatch is an outstanding business. It is affordable, set up simply, it’s method of communications are superb and it’s ability to drill down into relationships directors have across a range of companies make it an imperative for the wine industry.


BUTN provides fast easy finance for business to business transactions. BUTN Pay will enable a Buyer to access money up front for wine that they wish to buy. BUTN X will enable a Supplier to receive money for a Contract prior to terms.

BUTN’s association with Winescape means wine becomes a financially liquid product.